Druid Chair

In the town land of Ballybrack (An Baile Breac) to the south east of Dublin city, is a well preserved portal tomb, located 100m north of the Loughlinstown River and 1km east of Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea. It is sited on a small green in the middle of a modern housing estate; 20m from a busy road and in the local area is known as “Cromlech Fields” and is marked on the OSI map as “Dolmen” and on the historic map as “Cromlech”. During construction of the houses, a small scale excavation was undertaken to determine the extent of the site but no artifacts were uncovered. Its huge capstone has an estimated weight of 40 metric tons and has an almost polished underside. The tomb entrance faces east, with the pair of portal stones measuring between 1.55m and 1.4m in height and the impressive capstone measures 2.2m in length, 2.05m in width and 1.2m in depth. There is no door stone remaining and the
back of the capstone rests directly on the ground surface.

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