Doagh Famine Village

Doagh Famine Village
Doagh Famine Village
Illustrating how families and communities have survived in Ireland from the ever changing times since the famine to the present days economic difficulties.

Not just about the harsh times experienced by different generations but of the resilience and adaptability of people to overcome these which give a sense of hope.

The Famine Village tells the story of a family and community living on the edge and surviving, from the Famine of the 1840s to the present time.

Remoteness, isolation and reliance on small plots of land made this a harsh place to live.

Yet the same families have lived here for generations.

Learn how these people adapted and survived.

In brief, the Famine Village is an outdoor museum that tells the story of life in the area from the Famine back in the 1840s, through the 1900s to the present day.

Different to any other tourist attraction in Ireland the Famine Village depicts life in Ireland as it was, uncommercialised, interdenominational interspersed with humorous anectdotes of Irish life.

The tour last approximately 45 minutes.

The last guided tour starts at 4.30pm however entry is available up until the visitors centre closes at 5.30pm.

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